Fuel Gas Compressors from Reavell

Reavell is an industry leading provider of compressed natural gas (CNG) compressors and boosters for the fuel gas market. Our solutions are engineered for maximum simplicity, flexibility, and maintainability. To help our customers reduce energy and running costs, we offer an efficient and reliable alternative to fuel gas compression. Our focus is to help our customers reduce energy and running costs, and lower the TCO of their gas compression systems.


Reavell Gazpack 42 CNG compressor


Zero Gas Loss Compressors You Can Rely On

As a trusted industry leader, Reavell provides a range of CNG compressors and boosters that are engineered to minimize downtime and service costs.
Featuring a zero gas loss design, our compressors and boosters ensure that your system runs with zero emissions, reducing environmental impact and gas costs. Furthermore, our True Booster technology eliminates the need to regulate pressure down so you can take advantage of our sealed crankcase design, and minimize energy use and running costs.
Simple and reliable operation keeps your systems running for longer. Our focus on maintainability ensures that when the time for preventative maintenance comes, downtime and service costs are kept to a minimum. Our CNG compressors and boosters offer a range of benefits that help to improve safety, efficiency, and reliability of your fuel gas compression systems, including: 

Compact Design
Compact, modular design provides space saving flexibility. Balanced construction, with anti-vibration mounts, removes the need for special foundations.

Clean Operation
Zero loss of gas to atmosphere ensures minimal environmental impact under normal operation.

Built-in Simplicity
Flexible connections and a single outlet manifold provide quick and simple installation. Fully automated controls allow for simple, unmanned operation.

Maximum Safety
Equipped trips with a full set of safety and indicators wired to explosion proof terminal boxes. This ensures that safety is engineered into each compressor.

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Fuelgas Applications

Reavell’s CNG compressors and boosters are the leading choice for a wide range of fuel gas applications. Our range offers clean, efficient, and reliable operation for a range of fuel gas applications, including:

• Vehicle Fueling
• Renewable Energy
• Heating
• Electricity Generation

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