Reavell’s Boost Range Takes an Innovative Approach to On-Site Nitrogen Generation Systems

On-site nitrogen generation is becoming increasingly popular, allowing operators to save money by eliminating the time and costs associated with storage and delivery, as well as the complexity of supply monitoring and demand planning. However, different applications require a range of pressures; and with nitrogen usually generated at a pressure of about 7 bar, typical on-site systems may not be able to cater to operational needs. That is why Reavell has developed the Boost range of air cooled, lubricated, reciprocating nitrogen boosters. 


Reavell Boost Nitrogen Booster benefits list


Capable of delivering outlet pressures of up to 350 bar, the Boost range features an innovative, intelligent logic controller that actively monitors and controls inlet and outlet pressure; ensuring a sufficient supply of gas is available when needed, while minimizing energy consumption.

Available in a range of four open and four silenced packages, the Boost range combines state-of-the-art technology, with performance, efficiency, and proven Reavell reliability; providing operators with a complete, readily available package that ensures a stable supply of high pressure gas, where and when it is required.

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