Reavell Takes a Total Solutions Approach to Industrial Gas Compression

The industrial gas market covers a wide range of industries and applications. From transportation, nuclear & thermal power generation, and aerospace, to chemical, pharmaceutical, and laboratory, each operator has a different set of requirements that are dictated by either industry, application, or a combination of both.  

With such a broad variety of applications available, each with specific requirements, selecting an industrial gas compressor can be a challenge. Operators can be forced to select multiple compressors from a range of providers in order to ensure that they get a system that accurately meets their needs. While this approach is technically feasible, it can result in additional complexity, cost, and maintenance requirements in the future.

Taking a Complete Approach

Reavell takes a total solutions approach to industrial gas compression, offering a range of reliable, high quality air and water cooled gas compressors; that are engineered to meet the rigorous demands of a variety of specialist applications, regardless of the industry. Designed to supply gas up to 1,700 m3/hr at 414 bar(g), with inlet pressures from 0 to 18 bar(g) (gas dependent); the Reavell range of compressors can safely and efficiently handle a variety of common and specialist gasses such as: 

Hydrogen Argon
 Bio methane Nitrous Oxide
Ethane Sulphur Hexafluoride
Carbon Dioxide Bio Gas
Helium Nitrogen
Ethylene Heliox
Methane Neon
Carbon Monoxide Xenon

Collaborating with Our Customers

Regardless of whether operators are looking for a standard industrial gas compressor, or a custom, engineered-to-order package; our team of experts takes the time to understand specific application needs. We work with customers to determine key specifications such as inlet & discharge pressure, gas composition, capacity, and ambient temperature; ensuring that each customer receives a solution that exactly meets their process demands. 

Each standard industrial gas compressor package in our range is configured to provide either single or multi-stage compression, and comes equipped with a range of standard instruments such as pressure relief valves and gauges on all compression stages; TEFV, IP55 electric motors; gas inlet pressure protection switches; and other auxiliary equipment.  


Compressors for specialty applications such as hydrogen or helium can also be configured with specially rated electrical equipment for safety in hazardous areas; low lift suction / delivery valves for low density gas compression; and gas type crank case assembly at illustrated inlet pressures. Reavell also offers full industrial gas compressor packages that typically come equipped with a host of ancillary equipment, including: 

  • PLC Starter / Control Panel 
  • Oil Removal Filtration System / Dryer 
  • Gas Inlet Buffer Vessel 
  • Unloader Demister 
  • Unloader Gas Recovery Systems 
  • High Pressure Storage 

Make the Right Choice 

Regardless of the industry, application, or industrial gas that you are working with, Reavell has the right solution to meet your needs. Visit the website or contact your local sales representative, and discover how Reavell’s total solutions approach can help ensure the safety, quality, and reliability of your operations!