Reavell High Pressure Compressor Range


Throughout over a century of our history, we have offered solutions at every level of the industry, including supplying air ends to OEMs, semi-complete packages to integrators, and complete turnkey packages to end users. This unique position means we understand the market requirements at every level, and the challenges faced by package designers. That’s why all of our high pressure air compressors can be delivered with extra or modified equipment to ensure they fit into your system as efficiently as possible. Our modules offer you the flexibility to develop a package unique to your brand, that delivers all the reliability of a premium high pressure compressor.

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Reavell High Pressure Compressor Range


Reavell High Pressure Air & Gas Compressors

With a wide range of performance options, ensuring integration with a variety of systems, you can be sure that Reavell has the high pressure air compressor solutions to fit your requirements. Shown here are a small selection of our compressor modules, and their reliability, maintainability, and flexibility. 

High Pressure air compressors

The 5437 high pressure compressor, a staple in the Reavell range.

High Pressure Air Compressors


Flexible, Reliable, Maintainable

The Reavell 5437 high pressure compressor offers performance flexibility, reliability and ease of maintenance. Shown here configured as a belt drive – exactly matching flow rate to customer request, and with an air blast radiator – offering water cooled performance and reliability without the need for an external cooling water system. This configured package offers durability where it matters most.


Reliable, Industrial, High Pressure

The 5409 is the largest air cooled Reavell high pressure compressor. Offering market leading performance density, with the ability to run with an elevated inlet pressure of up to 1 barg or configured as a booster. With options to run on a wide range of gases including air, nitrogen, biogas, and helium, the 5409 offers the reliability you would expect from Reavell with the ease of installation of an air cooled machine. 

Reavell 5409 High Pressure Air Compressor

High Pressure Industrial Compressor Reavell 5460


Bespoke, Water Cooled, Compact

The Reavell 5460 is a truly customisable and reliable water cooled high pressure compressor system. Rated at 250 kW, with 6 cylinder lines and a choice of 18 cylinders for each, it offers final delivery pressures from 2 to 414 barg, flow rates from 195 to 1720 m3/hr and can run as a zero loss booster up to 18 barg inlet pressure. Designed for use with most industrial gases, and with ultra-compact cooler separators installed on a common baseplate, this compressor system offers a remarkably small footprint with Reavell’s customary reliability and maintainability.


Bespoke, Reliable, Efficient

The 5470 high pressure compressor has been a staple of the Reavell range for over 20 years. Having been through several enhancements during this time it is one of the most reliable and proven configurable compressor air ends on the market. Designed for use with most gases, the baseplate mounted direct drive system not only offers maximum reliability but also optimum system efficiency. 

High Pressure Compressor Reavell 5470