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Reavell H5437 Heliox Compressor

The Industry Standard for Heliox

Reavell’s high pressure air compressors have been at the forefront of compressed air technology for over a century. Throughout our history, we have offered solutions at every level of industry, from supplying standalone units, semi-complete packages, and complete turn-key packages to our end users.

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Reavell’s Boost range takes an innovative approach to on-site nitrogen generation systems

On-site nitrogen generation is becoming increasingly popular, allowing operators to save money by eliminating the time and costs associated with storage and delivery, as well as the complexity of supply monitoring and demand planning. 


Reavell Takes a Total Solutions Approach to Industrial Gas Compression

The industrial gas market covers a wide range of industries and applications. From transportation, nuclear & thermal power generation, and aerospace, to chemical, pharmaceutical, and laboratory, each operator has a different set of requirements that are dictated by either industry, application, or a combination of both.

High Pressure Compressor Aftermarket

Three ancillary technologies for PET compressors that could be saving you money

A high-pressure compressor is an important investment. Yet while many operators will take the time to ensure they’re purchasing an efficient and cost-effective compressed air system, they may overlook the opportunities available with the ancillary equipment. Correctly specified ancillary equipment can really reduce your bottom line, while also providing greater levels of monitoring, ...


Gardner Denver Reavell and Roadgas partner together to support world’s largest biogas bus fleet

Gardner Denver Reavell is partnering with Roadgas, the UK’s leading supplier of natural gas and biomethane refuelling station infrastructure, in an exclusive deal to supply a bespoke compressor package to support development of Nottingham City Transport’s (NCT) CNG refuelling station.


Future Surface Fleet 2019: Key Considerations for Compressors

Peter Satchwell, Reavell Sales Director, shares his thoughts on Future Surface Fleet 2019 and the future of high pressure compressors in the navy.


Why Ignoring Total Cost of Ownership for Oil Free Compressors Could Cost You Down The Line

While capital cost is obviously an important factor, TCO should ultimately be the driving force behind any decision to purchase a new oil free compressor system. Losing sight of this and opting for technology that doesn’t prioritise the whole life costs of equipment is a mistake that could have expensive consequences down the line.

Reavell Custom Engineered Solutions

We recently supported one of our key global customers in Italy with a bespoke package for helium recovery. At Gardner Denver Reavell we work with our valued partners to meet their requirements down to the smallest detail. We're ideally placed to deliver custom built projects for use on both gas and air, wherever in the world you're location.

High Pressure Industrial Compressors

Productivity by Design - Reavell Aftermarket Solutions 

Time is money and in a busy production environment, you want to ensure that downtime is kept to an absolute minimum to help maximise productivity – and profitability.

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Reavell - Refurbishment Capabilities

Our military air compressors are proven to deliver significant savings over their total lifetime, a large part of that is Reavell's refurbishment capability.