High Pressure Nitrogen Compressors for Aerospace



Reavell is a well-respected brand that offers an extensive range of high pressure gas reciprocating compressors. They are designed to handle high pressure nitrogen, often used in various applications in general industry, as well as the aerospace and marine and offshore industries. The Reavell range of high pressure reciprocating air compressors offers:

• Volumetric flow from ~25 m3/hr to ~50 m3/hr with a delivery pressure range from 120 to 350 barg
• Gramophone finish on piston surface to compliment the plateau honed bore, ensuring optimum lubricant control
• Low lift combined suction and delivery valves specifically designed for low density gas operation
• Integrated unloading and condensate drain block
• Revolutionary torus-shaped lubrication system
• Power out from 7.5 to 18.5 kW
• 3 stage compression 
• Type approved compressor block


Aerospace Applications

There are a variety of different applications that use high pressure nitrogen, including:

Pressurizing fuel tanks

High pressure nitrogen gas is used to pressurize aircraft fuel tanks to prevent fuel from vaporizing and creating explosive conditions. This can help maintain the stability of the fuel and ensure it flows properly to the engines.

nitrogen boosting 1

Ground support equipment

High pressure nitrogen gas is used in the maintenance and testing of ground support equipment. These include aircraft tires and oxygen systems.

nitrogen boosting 2

Hydraulic systems: Nitrogen gas is also used to pressurize hydraulic systems in aircraft, such as landing gear and brakes. This can help ensure that the system functions properly and can be relied upon during flight.


Did You Know? An oleo strut, also known as an oleo-pneumatic shock absorber, is a type of landing gear used on aircraft. It absorbs the impact of the landing and provides a smooth touchdown. It consists of a cylinder filled with compressed air or nitrogen gas, and a piston that compresses the gas when the landing gear makes contact with the ground. The high pressure cylinder is filled with oil, which provides resistance to the movement of the piston and cushions the aircraft's landing.


Safety in Aerospace

Escape Slide Inflation Systems

Escape slide inflation systems are an important safety feature in aerospace. They provide a means of evacuation for passengers and crew in the event of an emergency. These systems consist of an inflatable slide that deploys from an emergency exit, allowing passengers to quickly and safely exit the aircraft. The inflation source for the escape slide is often nitrogen.

Purging and testing

High purity nitrogen gas is used to purge and test fuel lines, oxygen systems, and other critical aircraft components. This purging ensures they are free of contaminants and functioning properly.

Space exploration

High pressure nitrogen gas is used in space exploration for various applications. These include propelling rockets and satellite thrusters, cooling systems for sensitive electronic equipment, and inflating landing airbags for planetary landers.

There are a variety of gasses used in Aerospace but the most common is Nitrogen.

Overall, high pressure nitrogen gas plays a critical role in maintaining the safety, reliability, and high efficiency of aerospace systems. Its unique properties make it well-suited for a wide range of applications in this industry.


Challenges Faced by the Aerospace Industry

Aerospace businesses experience a variety of challenges which include:

1. Cost and profitability
The aerospace industry is known for being capital intensive business. The development, production, and maintenance of aircraft and spacecraft can be very expensive. Companies must constantly balance the need to invest in new technology and innovation with the need to maintain profitability.

2. Safety and regulatory compliance
The aerospace industry is heavily regulated. Companies must adhere to strict safety and quality standards to ensure the safety of passengers and crew. Maintaining compliance with these regulations can be challenging, and failure to do so can have serious consequences.

3. Environmental impact
The aerospace industry is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.  Aerospace companies are under increasing pressure to reduce their environmental impact. This requires investment in new technologies and alternative fuels, which can be expensive.

4. Supply chain management
The aerospace industry relies on a complex global supply chain. Aerospace companies must manage relationships with suppliers and ensure that they meet strict quality standards. Disruptions to the supply chain, such as natural disasters or political instability, can have serious consequences.

5. Technological advancement
The aerospace industry is constantly evolving, and companies must invest in new technologies to remain competitive. This requires significant investment in research and development. Companies must also adapt quickly to changing market conditions and customer demands.

Overall, the aerospace industry faces a range of challenges. Companies must be innovative, flexible, and adaptive to succeed in this complex and dynamic business environment.
Despite these challenges, the aerospace business remains critical for national security, economic development, scientific research, commercial transport and space exploration.
To be successful in the aerospace business, companies must invest in the right equipment, training, and infrastructure. They must work closely with regulators, clients, and other stakeholders to ensure the safety and success of their operations.


Efficient Nitrogen Boosting

Reavell has been a pioneer in compressed air technology for over 100 years. Renowned for our expertise in compressing air, inert, and explosive gas; our range of high pressure nitrogen boosting compressors combine maximum efficiency with extreme reliability – delivering both performance and peace of mind.

Our low pressure stages ensure minimum piston blow-by and oil carryover, and maximum machine reliability and efficiency through the use of our own specification of iron alloy bores, plateau honed to our in house design standards, iron piston rings with optimised geometry and targeted lubrication. 

But it’s our high pressure stages that really set us apart from the competition. Decades of development work focusing on minimising blow-by and oil carryover, maximising reliability, and allowing extreme ease and speed of maintenance have led us to our revolutionary hardened steel, polished bores combined with polymer piston rings and our revolutionary torus lubrication system.

What’s more, our unique, in-house, surface finish standards, the optimised geometry and materials of our piston rings, and our relentless focus on quality mean oil carryover from the booster is best in class at 3ppm, maximising downstream filter life and minimising compressor oil consumption.

Featuring our revolutionary piston technology, our compact solutions offer maximum output with minimum size and weight, and virtually no gas loss. Combined with our industry leading expertise and specialist support, Reavell is the perfect partner for your nitrogen boosting systems.

Give your on-site nitrogen generation the competitive edge with Reavell.


Maximum Efficiency

Reavell’s revolutionary piston technology ensures minimum blow-by and oil carryover across both high and low pressure stages. The end result is maximum efficiency and reliability with minimal nitrogen loss, helping you and protecting your bottom line. 


Industry Leading Expertise


Our range of nitrogen boosting compressors are designed and manufactured in the UK, providing maximum quality. Each compressor is ATEX certified, with 3.1 material certificates on pressure retaining parts, and the ability to operate in ambient temperatures below 0oC. This ensures performance and reliability in even the most demanding environments.


Specialist Support

At Reavell, we understand that each operation is unique, that is why our range of compressors can be customized to meet the specific needs of your on-site nitrogen production system. Every Reavell nitrogen booster compressor is supported by our global team of experts, range of service kits, and our bespoke training packages; Reavell’s compressors are the perfect complement to your on-site nitrogen boosting operations.



Reavell H185 Nitrogen Booster - Boost
Reavell H185 'Boost' Nitrogen Booster

Nitrogen Boosting Applications


Reavell’s nitrogen boosting packages are designed to deliver high performance, maximum efficiency, and extreme reliability in a range of demanding environments. Whether at sea, on land, or underground, our nitrogen boosting compressors are tailored to meet the unique demands of a range of applications, including:

  • Laser cutting
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Tyre filling
  • Cylinder filling
  • High pressure injection moulding
  • Autoclaves

So whether it’s the wide ranging benefits of our piston technology, or the expertise and support you can expect from a global leader - whatever your application, you can rely on Reavell for a constant and efficient nitrogen stream.