Reavell Configured Compressors

Ideal for bespoke applications requiring the highest capacity and/or special requirements, Reavell’s configured compressors offer a wide pressure, capacity, and speed range. Tailored for compressing industrial gasses, or for use as boosters, the lubricated design can be either air or water cooled, minimizing space without compromising performance.  

Reavell’s multi-stage reciprocating piston compressors are engineered for bespoke applications that require the highest capacities and special features. Ideal of industrial gas applications, such as biogas and CNG, the V-Series is capable of providing over 400 bar(g) of continuously rated pressure, across 5 compression stages.  

Featuring a lubricated design, the products can be configured with either direct or “V” belt drive motors ranging for 45kW to 300kW, reaching speeds of up to 1500 rpm. Elevated suction pressures of up to 16 bar(g) provide operators with the flexibility to maximize efficiency and expand capacity, at minimal cost.  






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